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BLUE developed an underwater experience to showcase the over 300 innovative aquatic products offered by Fluval, for multiple country-languages. The digital agency collaborated with the Fluval team to create this comprehensive website that streamlines the visitor’s search of freshwater and saltwater products in sections that were designed to showcase the products offered across a wide range of categories. Separate sections were created for Fluval’s three main product segments – Freshwater, Saltwater and Lifestyle – each designed to reflect their unique underwater realities, with the use of the distinct colours, fish, and detailing that would be found in each type of tank. The deep scroll with changes in colour and environments gives the user the impression that they are “diving deeper” into the underwater experience of each segment, allowing them to explore the related products and features.

BLUE integrated an ecommerce module and payment gateway on the website. The digital team also developed a complete, custom content management system that allows the Fluval team to add/edit/publish products across the categories and series, manage promotional banners, create interesting content – articles, contests, coupons – and manage client accounts.

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